Amani Affoué

Artist - Musician


Rosy, also known as Roseline Amani Affoué is coming from SIKENSI, a sub-prefecture located at 80 kms of Abidjan.

At the age of 12 she begins to feel a strong attraction for songs.

That’s how she starts to hum some melodies who will inspire her for almost ten years later for her first album.

She was afraid of some repression coming from her parents at this age which brings her to keep as a secret this new passion from music and songs and this passion grows up as years passed instead as fading out.

That’s how she starts to realize her demo in « NIKEL SOUND MELODIE » studio from Mr. NGUESSAN SANTA, which, at the look of this beautiful singer who has an angelic voice, he decides to coproduce this musical works.

With her varied styles, Rosy excels in Akan band, from R&B, to HIGHTLIFE, ZOUK and also Haitian COMPAS.

The choice to have as many musical styles is coming as the fact that she thinks about a true international career and wants to make her music known on every continent.

Great events in artist career

In 2008 she encounters the producer Charly Maïwan who propose her to join Bella Mondo group which he is the founding president.
In 2010, she travels with Bella Mondo group at the “Festival des arts Nègre” in Dakar.
In 2012 she quits the Bella Mondo group to start a solo career.
In 2013 she performs a show at the ”l’Institut Français de Cotonou” at Benin.
She was invited in Canada in 2013 to participate at the “Festival Mondial des Femmes d’Ici et d’Ailleurs”.
In November 2013 she participates at MOMBASSA Carnival.
June 2014, concert at “Palais des Congrès“ in Abidjan.
May 2015, besides of her solo career, Rosy becomes the lead vocal of AYANA band.
March 2016, participation of Rosy and AYANA BOLINGO group at the Festival MASSA.
March 2017, participation at “La nuit de DIVA“ in Montreal, Canada.
2017, July 30, participation with Ayana Bolingo at the “FESTIVAL MONDIAL DE MUSIQUE DES FEMMES" À MONTRÉAL.
2017, July 27, “FESTIVAL DES JOURNÉES D’AFRIQUE“ in the city of Quebec, Canada with the Ayana Group.
2017, July 28, “FESTIVAL DES RHYTMES D’AFRIQUE“ in the city of Sherbrooke, Canada with the Ayana Group. 

Rosy was invited in Canada for the third edition of “Les nuits divas” who will be on 23 and 24 of March, 2018.